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Our Story

ALPFA UCF was first established in 2007. From the start, we supported Latin American students who majored in accounting and finance to become a confident leader and develop professionally. Continuing the legacy, ALPFA UCF has become more diverse and inclusive of all types of business and STEM majors.

We want to help our members achieve their goals and be well prepared for any opportunities that come their way by providing a solid foundation of leadership skills, interview techniques, polished resumes, technical and practical skills, and an extensive network.

Executive Board

alejandro Padilla Florez


Dayan Fraga

Vice President

William Michael agee


Jonathan Coelho


Luis Gutierrez

VP of Marketing

Sarah Fevry

VP of Events

Charley Sethi

VP of Corporate Relations

Katrina Nilsson

VP of Membership

Jared Delvalle

VP of Technical Development

Steven Sosa

Chapter Advisor